Job Opportunity with El CASA Management

Do you believe the home improvement industry can use some change and growth?

Do you want to change this industry?

Do you believe more technology can be used in the home improvement industry?

Have you ever played sports at the collegiate level?

If so, we might want to meet you.

We are looking for a Home Improvement Sales Representative who has a natural ability to engage, be excited, be enthusiastic, and build relationships . Everyday we wake up to figure out new ways to make small to medium-size businesses in the home improvement industry lives better. We show business owners how to run and execute their business. We build software and offer services to help them run their business. But we can’t do it alone, we need someone who is not afraid to call people they do not know and knows how to build relationships with people and show them why partnering with us will help them with their business.

There is no office, so you’ll be working virtually most of the time. We like structure so weekly planning and strategy sessions are important for your and our success. You’ll have lots of flexibility and freedom with your schedule, so you can do other things such as write blogs that focus on the business side of the home improvement industry to show your expertise – but we are not interested in someone who only focuses on doing their job and closing down for the day. We are looking for someone who knows how to set goals and hit their goals. We are also looking for someone who will go and get to know people in the community through volunteering in non-profit organizations or networking events.

You should be a creative person that can close deals without giving discounts.

And, as an Sales Representative, We might ask for you to help with speaking at council meetings, conferences or speaking at trades shows or recruiting more Account Managers.

In a nutshell – We need an effective communicator …We need a successful phone prosecutor …We need a highly effective story teller and influencer …We need someone that can think on their feet … We need someone that can create qualified leads …We need someone who cares for the success of the service providers …We need someone who is willing to help onboard their service providers …We need someone who will pay attention to your service providers needs (this does not mean you are the only one that services the providers) …We need a person who is self motivated …We need someone who knows how important processes and structure are …We need someone who will follow the processes and structure …We need someone who knows how to close a sale …We need someone who wants to work in team environments …We need someone who will grow EL CASA Management and be determined to change how the industry operates.

Can you help?

If you’re interested, apply for the job and drop us a note – tell us a little about you and we can set up some time to talk more.

Whoever will help us, will help make an HUGE impact in this industry.


Training Program:

We want you to be successful. We created a 10 week new hire training that allows you to get familiar with our company, processes, product, and ideal customer. Once you have been working with the company 6 months we offer another round of training to continue to sharpen your sales skills.

Pay Structure For This Job:

Salary+Bonus (Monthly and Quarterly)+Commission structure. This is a non-capped residual commission model.

Stock Options will be offered based on performance and tenure.

The following will be available to you:

Fully company paid Health and Dental Benefits

Car Allowance

Mobile Device Allowance

After 1 year:

Contributions to 401K will be made

Top performer will receive a paid vacation for 2

Kindest regards,

Naomi Cosman | Program Manager

Stephen Stagner Sales EXCELLENCE Institute

University of Houston | C. T.  Bauer College of Business

Office : (713) 743-0185 | Mobile : (713) 922-4212

334 Melcher Hall | Suite 365G

Houston, TX 77204-6021

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