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Nexeo Plastics Inside Sales Internships

 Sales Internship
The sales interns main responsibilities will be geared towards developing sales skills over the phone including: opening/introduction, developing line of questioning, needs diagnosis, solution dialogue, resolving objections, negotiating, and closing.

The daily tasks to achieve this learning are as follows:
o Lead Development/Qualifying – Calling on Tarnell accounts in which spend is less than $100,000 to

qualify and pass on to sales associates if they find a need.
o Cleaning Up Prospect Data – Assigning Tarnell ID to existing Prospects, Merging Duplicates, Marking

Obsolete Accounts Inactive
o Cleaning up Dormant SAP Account Data – Haven’t bought in over 24 months – mark for deletion of

continue to try to sell?
o Attend Team Cold Call/Prospecting Sessions
o Learn how to research a lead, make an informed call and understand the standard questions to ask a

Plastic manufacturer, OEM, Design Firm or any other plastic specifier.

 Plastics
The Plastic Engineer internship is tailored to students studying in programs where they already have the skills and technical knowledge about polymer science. They will use those learnings to support the Nexeo Commercial team. Much of the activity under this program will have to do with material selection assistance, new program development, technical trouble shooting, and learning more about the value of the Nexeo technical and application development teams.

The daily tasks to achieve this learning are as follows:
o Cleaning up the datasheet properties on the Tech Data inventory look to check for accuracy.
o Adding specific data sheet properties to the material master. IT told us wrong that we had to use

ranges. They’ve now determined we can use actual data if we want.
o Material Selection Assistance for Inside Sales Team
o Shadowing the Inside Tech Connect Team
o Traveling to Customers/Processors with a Technical team member
o Interacting on phones with design firms, small OEMs, and plastics specifiers to help them develop

new programs that a Nexeo customer can one day work on production volumes. Further details on that:

OEM Development:
o Building a model to prioritize OEM leads that come from our SFDC opportunity & neXprice

data. Includes building the model (# of employees, revenue, backward formula to estimate plastics consumption from revenue or part sales, etc). Also may include working the higher priority OEMs to find contacts and projects

o Cleaning Up OEM Data in SAP/BW

Engineer Internship

3 Waterway Square Place, Suite 1000
The Woodlands, TX 77380

o Making Sure End Market Data lines up with OEM accordingly
o Outbound calling to second Tier OEMs, Design Houses, and Consulting Companies who make

product specs

All interns will also be made a part of the inside sales team. They will attend weekly team meetings, supplier meetings, meet other internal Nexeo partners to understand their roles, trips to the warehouse, supplier site visits, off-site meetings and more.

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