Get Rx’d

Job Description:

Get RXd specializes in design, manufacturing, and distribution of specialty fitness equipment (specifically: Crossfit Equipment). We are looking for someone who can handle all or most of the below:

Sales Role:

– Answer customer questions through e-mail, phone, and in-person

– Quote customer inquiries from QuickBooks

– Order Processing

– Organizing logistics from item manufacturing to customer location

– Develop New Markets and keep current customers satisfied/updated

Customer Service Role:

– Research on what might have happened to item and if it is happening on other items still in stock

– Resolve customer disputes and/or shipping mishaps

– Keep detailed notes to identify how the mistake in equipment manufacturing and/or process is happening

– Use information to help prevent mistake from happening in future

Marketing Role:

Update website listings, packages, images, etc.

Come up with process to connect to customers better through social media, newsletter, etc.

Organize trade show, competitions, and other events (logistics, items to bring, marketing materials, how to connect, etc.)

You will be asked to wear a few different hats. One hour you could be doing any of the above, the next hour you could be packing an order to be shipped. We hope that you view your job as “whatever needs to be done” to help the company grow.

Job Requirements:

– 2+ years experience in service, sales, or marketing

– Detail-Oriented

– Willingness to Learn and Flexible with whatever task needs to be done

– Must have Transportation

– Prepared to commute to current location (4660 Pine Timbers) as well as future location (2612 Mckinney)

Salary Range:

$40,000 – $45,000

Application Instructions:

Please e-mail a resume and cover letter (extra points) to


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