Spring 2017 Sales Career Fair – General Information


The Sales Career Fair will be held April 6, 2017 from 3:00-6:00 P.M. at the Student Center South’s Houston Room. All majors are welcome! Professional dress is required.

For Sales Career Fair employer details, please visit this link.

Below is a complete list of attending companies:

List will be available few weeks before the Career Fair date.

SIRIUS Job Opportunity

Associate Inside Sales Representative:

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and want to work alongside people who’ve done the same.  You’re looking to be challenged and to grow professionally, and you want to be valued and recognized for your contributions.  Sirius Computer Solutions agrees.

As a nationally recognized IT solutions provider with an over 35-year history of success, Sirius is known for cultivating the best talent, providing a positive work environment, and offering a compensation and benefits package designed to help our employees thrive both personally and professionally.  We deliver best-of-breed IT solutions from the world’s top technology innovators, including Cisco, Citrix, CommVault, Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp, Nutanix, VMware, and many more.  If you want to work with the Brightest Minds in the Business, contact us today.     

Our Associate Inside Sales Representative (AISR) opportunity is an entry level, degree required role where you will develop your sales skills, knowledge of IT best of breed solutions, and knowledge of Sirius and our solution offerings.   You will then demonstrate that knowledge through prospecting activities that will generate new qualified sales leads.    This position is located in Dallas, Texas.       

We provide a strong training curriculum that includes, but not is limited to:   communicating Sirius’ value proposition, sales skills, product and solution training, and processes and tools.   You provide a determination to succeed in an IT sales career, and the work ethic to make 70+ outbound calls a day and meet established weekly goals for qualified sales leads.    

After a minimum of one year in this role, employees are eligible to be considered for promotion to an Inside Sales Representative role, where you will manage a set of clients/prospects to close deals and grow revenue and profits.

Position Summary:   

The primary purpose of this position is to generate leads and progress them through to qualified opportunities in an inside sales environment.    The Associate Inside Sales Representative (AISR) will communicate Sirius’ value proposition by actively prospecting, creating new opportunities, overcoming client objections, and then progressing the opportunity until it is qualified.    This position will focus primarily on demand generation activities and creating qualified opportunities targeted at the SMB and mid-market segment.      

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform outbound cold calling (prospecting) to generate leads and progress leads through to qualified opportunities  
  • Make 70+ outbound calls per day into Sirius’ prospect database, existing and/or dormant clients, and manufacturer lists provided to Sirius
  • Qualify opportunities and pass off to a Sirius sales representative  
  • Build a pipeline by meeting or exceeding lead generation quotas
  • Create and maintain CRM records to include Account, Opportunity, Lead, and Contact records  
  • Provide follow up on demand-generation activities   
  • Establish account presence and build trust with key contacts  
  • Present and articulate Sirius product and solution offerings and benefits   

Basic Qualifications:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in a Business related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Other Required Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated  written and oral communication skills, including persuasion and phone skills
  • Demonstrated ability to handle objections and persist when encountering resistance
  • Demonstrated relationship building skills      
  • Demonstrated ability to work under minimal supervision, independently and/or as a member of a project team
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and understand product solutions and features   
  • Demonstrated attention to detail and responsiveness   

Other Desired Qualifications:       

  • IT industry experience
  • Inside sales experience
  • Experience utilizing a Sales CRM

Essential Functions: This position exists to generate qualified sales opportunities by telephone and as such requires frequent and heavy telephone and keyboard use. Sirius is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. As a government contractor, Sirius takes affirmative action to employ and advance in employment qualified women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and protected veterans; maintains a drug-free workplace; and participates in E-Verify. Sirius will not sponsor work eligibility for this position. Individuals who receive job offers will be required to complete pre-employment screening that includes a background check verifying name, residences, education, work experience, and criminal convictions consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act; and a drug test for controlled substances consistent with the Drug-Free Workplace Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Kind regards,

Naomi Cosman | Program Manager

Stephen Stagner Sales EXCELLENCE Institute

University of Houston9 | C. T.  Bauer College of Business

Email naomicosmanpes@gmail.com

Office : (713) 743-0185 | Mobile : (713) 922-4212

334 Melcher Hall | Suite 365G

Houston, TX 77204-6021

Job Opportunity with El CASA Management

Do you believe the home improvement industry can use some change and growth?

Do you want to change this industry?

Do you believe more technology can be used in the home improvement industry?

Have you ever played sports at the collegiate level?

If so, we might want to meet you.

We are looking for a Home Improvement Sales Representative who has a natural ability to engage, be excited, be enthusiastic, and build relationships . Everyday we wake up to figure out new ways to make small to medium-size businesses in the home improvement industry lives better. We show business owners how to run and execute their business. We build software and offer services to help them run their business. But we can’t do it alone, we need someone who is not afraid to call people they do not know and knows how to build relationships with people and show them why partnering with us will help them with their business.

There is no office, so you’ll be working virtually most of the time. We like structure so weekly planning and strategy sessions are important for your and our success. You’ll have lots of flexibility and freedom with your schedule, so you can do other things such as write blogs that focus on the business side of the home improvement industry to show your expertise – but we are not interested in someone who only focuses on doing their job and closing down for the day. We are looking for someone who knows how to set goals and hit their goals. We are also looking for someone who will go and get to know people in the community through volunteering in non-profit organizations or networking events.

You should be a creative person that can close deals without giving discounts.

And, as an Sales Representative, We might ask for you to help with speaking at council meetings, conferences or speaking at trades shows or recruiting more Account Managers.

In a nutshell – We need an effective communicator …We need a successful phone prosecutor …We need a highly effective story teller and influencer …We need someone that can think on their feet … We need someone that can create qualified leads …We need someone who cares for the success of the service providers …We need someone who is willing to help onboard their service providers …We need someone who will pay attention to your service providers needs (this does not mean you are the only one that services the providers) …We need a person who is self motivated …We need someone who knows how important processes and structure are …We need someone who will follow the processes and structure …We need someone who knows how to close a sale …We need someone who wants to work in team environments …We need someone who will grow EL CASA Management and be determined to change how the industry operates.

Can you help?

If you’re interested, apply for the job and drop us a note – tell us a little about you and we can set up some time to talk more.

Whoever will help us, will help make an HUGE impact in this industry.


Training Program:

We want you to be successful. We created a 10 week new hire training that allows you to get familiar with our company, processes, product, and ideal customer. Once you have been working with the company 6 months we offer another round of training to continue to sharpen your sales skills.

Pay Structure For This Job:

Salary+Bonus (Monthly and Quarterly)+Commission structure. This is a non-capped residual commission model.

Stock Options will be offered based on performance and tenure.

The following will be available to you:

Fully company paid Health and Dental Benefits

Car Allowance

Mobile Device Allowance

After 1 year:

Contributions to 401K will be made

Top performer will receive a paid vacation for 2


Kindest regards,

Naomi Cosman | Program Manager

Stephen Stagner Sales EXCELLENCE Institute

University of Houston | C. T.  Bauer College of Business

Office : (713) 743-0185 | Mobile : (713) 922-4212

334 Melcher Hall | Suite 365G

Houston, TX 77204-6021

Tenaris Job Opportunity

Sales Representative

DESCRIPTION:  Detects and develops business opportunities. Negotiates and formalizes the sale of products and services under the area of responsibility. Builds and maintains relationships with customers. Responsible for the Offering Process and Order Follow Up.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Prepares offers to the customers.
  • Accountable for the previsions and bookings.
  • Helps determine the acceptance of new clients (review contract and signing of Long Term Agreements).
  • Develops the forecast with clients.
  • Is responsible for carrying out the Offer Engineering (including third parties products and post-processes quotation). *
  • In charge of the sales order initialization and the purchase order acknowledgement. *
  • Controls the status of the order (makes changes if necessary) and carries out post-sales tasks. *
  • Responsible for the Take-Out Reception, validates item against agreement, and works out discrepancies if necessary.
  • Complies with Tenaris policies, procedures and management standards, and ensures adherence with all laws and regulations that apply to the area of responsibility.
  • Protects from damage, theft or misuse the facilities, equipment and other physical resources assigned to his/her area.
  • (*) In specific SubBU’s these responsibilities are performed by the Sales Analyst / Commercial Operation Analyst.

Characteristics/Competencies of a Successful Candidate:

  • Be highly proficient with Microsoft Office and specifically with Excel
  • Experience working with SAP is a plus
  • Knowledge of OCTG desired

This position does not accept international candidates

Also is there a place I can post something about the company?



Tenaris is a leading supplier of tubes and related services for the world’s energy industry and certain other industrial applications. Our mission is to deliver value to our customers through product development, manufacturing excellence, and supply chain management. We seek to minimize risk for our customers and help them reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve time-to-market. Tenaris employees around the world are committed to continuous improvement by sharing knowledge across a single global organization.


Gregory Robey | Talent Attraction | (281) 536 3153 cell


Naomi Cosman | Program Manager

Stephen Stagner Sales EXCELLENCE Institute

University of Houston | C. T.  Bauer College of Business

Office : (713) 743-0185 | Mobile : (713) 922-4212

334 Melcher Hall | Suite 365G

Houston, TX 77204-6021

Q1 2017 Blog: Impact of Digital Marketing on Sales Effectiveness

Organizations find themselves today in a position where seeking out organic growth is more critical to success than ever before. Organic growth stems from the ability of an organization to increase the value of current customers, create opportunities with new customers, and develop new innovative products and services to offer within the marketplace. Consider the following quote:

“Executives shouldn’t underestimate the power of organic growth. It may take more time and effort to affect a company’s size, but organic growth typically generates more value.”

  • The Economic Times, January 2017


Over the past 30 years organizations have witnessed dramatic shifts in the factors that are necessary to achieve competitive advantage. For many businesses, it is no longer sufficient to primarily seek growth through inorganic sources (i.e. mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers) or to solely focus on optimizing systems and processes to achieve greater efficiencies.

In a survey conducted in more recent years by McKinsey 86% of CFOs and 72% of other members of the C-suite indicated that growth is their biggest strategic challenge. The desire to achieve growth and the increasing need to do so through organic means is clear, but continues to challenge many organizations. The nature of this challenge can be understood within the context of the current business environment. Competition has become fiercer and more global in nature, the range of substitutable product options has continued to grow, and customers are now able to independently gain access to incredible amounts of information about an organization and its value offerings. In support of these changes consider the following findings:

  • The typical organization has on average more than double the number of competitors it had about half a decade ago.
  • One set of almost 800 sales executives from 47 organizations indicated that they perceive their products/services as 30% less differentiable in the present than they were three years prior.
  • Customers can access more than 20 times the amount of data on an organization as they had about half a decade ago.

The sales function plays a crucial role in driving organic growth within an organization with a growing emphasis on the ability of salespeople to help identify and design solutions for customers as a means of maintaining the differentiability of an organization’s value offerings. That said, significant changes in the buying process have presented new challenges for the sales force in the pursuit of organic growth. The typical buying process today is conducted largely through digital mediums with large proportions of the process conducted independently by a buyer. Some research indicates that the portion of the average buying process conducted digitally can range from 57% to 70%. A large reason for this shift can be explained by the sheer amount of information that is both quickly accessible and easily available to individuals and organizations through digital mediums. In both B2B and B2C contexts, customers are increasingly confident conducting a large amount of research through digital technologies. It is worth considering as well that as younger generations both take on more critical roles within organizations and increase their purchasing power as consumers this trend is expected to become even more pronounced.

It is no surprise then that salespeople have moved more into the digital space, engaging with buyers where they spend most of their time navigating the buying process. This has required salespeople to become increasingly adept in their use of technology as they engage with buyers via a wide array of digital communication media (e.g. email and social media). It has also called into question the role of the salesperson in a context where customers are both able to navigate more of the buying process on their own using digital technologies and make an increasing number of transactions digitally through web interfaces. In some cases, members of the sales force have transitioned to also serving a role as advisors, after the sales of a more complicated product or service, helping to explain how a customer can gain even greater value from the related offering.

The allocation of a salesperson’s efforts within the buying process tend to change based on how buyers choose to leverage digital technologies. A 2016 study of business products buyers conducted by marketing automation software company Marketo suggested this shift can be quite dramatic.

Changes in the buying process have also placed greater pressure on the sales and marketing functions to take a more coordinated approach to managing the buying process. Within the digital space a potential customer or current customer may take one set of actions that seem to indicate he/she is at one stage in the buying process and then take another set of actions that seem to indicate that he/she is at another stage in the buying process. This speaks to the nonlinear nature of the process that many buyers take while using digital technologies. It also speaks to the importance of a coordinated effort between sales and marketing functions, one that breaks down silos of communication and eliminates information hoarding tendencies. Granted this may be easier said than done. The use of technology can help enhance the sales and marketing functions ability to understand the journey that a potential customer has taken thus far and more effectively coordinate efforts. However, technology that is not implemented with both functions’ needs in mind and without buy-in from both functions, will have limited value (if any). Stressing the importance of alignment between sales and marketing functions on interpersonal dimensions.

Issues of coordination and alignment between sales and marketing are especially salient within the context of lead management. The generation, nurturing, and management of leads (and particularly high quality leads) are all critical components for organizations seeking organic growth. While advances in information technology have made the capture of information on leads and the overall generation of leads a more effective and efficient enterprise, new issues have come to the forefront regarding the management of leads. For instance, it is not unheard of for members of the sales and marketing function to disagree on the characteristics that comprise a great lead. This disagreement can translate into several issues. A salesperson may experience frustration that can lead to performance issues as a result of having to contact leads who either are not ready to engage with a salesperson or most likely will never be in a position to buy. Technological methods such as lead scoring can provide substantial value to an organization seeking better ways of understanding the value of leads and the characteristics of high quality leads, but their effectiveness is generally contingent on some level of consensus being reached regarding the characteristics and behaviors of a high-quality lead.

As the buying process becomes more digital-centric it is critical for sales managers to be able to understand the journey that buyers take, what stage of the journey they are currently in, and what actions are most likely to move the buyer further along in the journey. Achieving greater coordination of digital efforts managed by sales and marketing as well as greater agreement between sales and marketing on the characteristics that comprise a high-quality lead (and further down the process a high-value customer) serve as challenges worth pursuing given the potentially substantial organizational rewards they can yield.


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Have questions or need further information? Contact Frances Wheeland, fwheeland@bauer.uh.edu

Enterprise – Sales Opportunity

Enterprise Opportunity



Regardless of college major or professional experience, nearly 100% of our full-time employees start out in our Management Training Program. This allows everyone to learn our business from the ground up and understand how they play a significant role in seeing it succeed.


Once you’ve completed your initial orientation and training, you’ll be assigned to a branch office in your home area and the hands-on training begins. You’ll learn valuable business skills from capable mentors who were once in your shoes. Nearly 100% of all our managers and corporate executives started out as Management Trainees.


During your first year, you will actively participate in everything from sales and marketing and customer service to operations and finance. As you progress, you will be tested and evaluated to determine your proficiency in these areas. Successful completion of these tests and evaluations will result in rewards, pay increases and the opportunity for continued promotions.


As you progress, increasingly more opportunities will become available to you. You can choose, as most people do, to continue your rewarding ascent within our Rental Operations managerial track or you can explore one of many other exciting options including Fleet Management, Human Resources, Car Sales, Accounting, Marketing and more.



As a Management Trainee, you are empowered to make business decisions that greatly affect your career as well as the bottom line. You’ll gain responsibility for developing new business and maintaining current relationships. You’ll be responsible for understanding cost control, reading your branch’s P&L statement and understanding what it takes to run a profitable business. You will also learn how to deliver superior customer service. We will teach you how to effectively communicate, influence and interact with all types of customers, vendors and co-workers. You’ll learn proper sales techniques to problem solving and conflict management. Those skills will provide you with the opportunity to market to local business partners and build solid, long-lasting relationships with key business decision-makers. In your development to become a successful manager at Enterprise, you’ll learn how to mentor, train, develop, manage and promote a staff of your own.


Equal Opportunity Employer – Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled


  • Bachelors Degree required.
  • Must have at least 12 months of experience in retail or professional commissioned sales and/or customer service.

◦                     Leadership roles in organizations, military and/or college or professional athletics participation will be considered in lieu of sales or customer service experience.

  • Must have a valid driver’s license with a good driving record.
  • No drug or alcohol related convictions on driving record (DWI/DUI)  in past 3 years.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.

Must be authorized to work in the United States and not require work authorization sponsorship by our company for this position now or in the future.

Allstate Sales Opportunity


P & C Insurance Agent – Allstate – The Woodlands

Gold Standard Agency LLC (Allstate)

Phone: 832-875-9595

Email: Matthewgolden@allstate.com

Join the fastest growing agency in all of Texas. We have been the #1 Allstate agency in Texas over the past two years and are growing at an exponential rate. We are looking for talented sales professionals who are eager to learn and who want an opportunity to grow personally and professionally. The Agency owner is a graduate from the Program for Excellence in Selling graduate and the Wolff Center. We are looking to open up to 2 additional agencies and are looking for talented individuals to help achieve our goals.

Duties may typically include:

  • Cross-selling existing customers with other Allstate products
  • Prospecting and generating new business through leads & referrals
  • Generating quotes
  • Conducting policy reviews & updating policies
  • Processing payments & reporting claims
  • Providing excellent customer service
  • Relationship building
  • Other Duties as Required or Assigned


Excellent Communication/interpersonal skills
Computer literate
Confident, self-starter who works well independently
Must have ability to multi-task
Must love sales
Must be organized
Bi-lingual in Spanish is a plus
Must work well with others in small office environment
Must have positive attitude
Must possess strong work ethic

Gillman Companies – Opportunity

Job Description

Turn your passion for sales into profit! If you have what it takes to excel in a fast-paced, high-volume sales environment, then our dealership has a place for you. We are seeking highly motivated, results-driven sales pros for new and used vehicles. In this position, you will walk with clients through the entire sales process, from inquiry to ownership. Along the way, your stellar attitude and customer service skills will not only help close the sale, but secure customers for life.

Job Responsibilities

  • Understand and implement dealership sales process
  • Own every aspect of the sales process (from new client prospecting to vehicle delivery)
  • Present and demonstrate inventory
  • Review, update and manage daily inventory reports
  • Create and execute strategies for increasing market share
  • Prepare and review monthly plans with sales leadership
  • Maintain Customer Service Index, Gross Average and monthly units to dealership standards
  • Remain up-to-date on products, market trends and certification
  • Must be familiar with Client Relationship Management (CRM)  software

Education and/or Experience

Experience, education and prior sales training are a PLUS.

All applicants must be eligible to work in the USA. All applicants must be able to pass pre-employment screening to include drug test, MVR, and extensive background test.


Compensation is based on experience and commensurate with Fortune 500 companies.


  • Medical/Dental/Vision/Life insurance
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Employee discounts
  • Drug Free work environment
  • E.O.E

Company Overview

Since 1938, The Gillman Companies have been a family-owned and operated group of automobile dealerships. With over 70 years of success, the Houston-based automotive group has 14 dealerships across Houston, Rosenberg, San Benito, Harlingen, and San Antonio representing Acura, Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Subaru.

The company was founded by Frank Gillman when the first dealership opened on Milam Street in downtown Houston. Frank knew the importance of customer loyalty. He also understood that loyalty had to be earned. Over 70 years later, the location and scope of the business has changed, but the constant emphasis on customer satisfaction remains the same.

Now run by Frank’s Granddaughter Stacey Gillman, under her leadership, the Gillman Companies have grown to become one of the largest retail automotive groups in America.  And today, the third Gillman generation is active in the business.

Success has not altered the organization’s founding principle.  Every employee in every Gillman dealership knows customer satisfaction is paramount.  And, they understand continued prosperity, as well as future growth, depends upon maintaining this long-established tradition of excellence.

To apply, please go to our career section at: http://www.gillmanauto.com

ARGUS Software – Opportunity

ARGUS Software – an Altus Group Company Careers


SMB Sales Executive, Software


Sales – Houston, Texas


ARGUS Software, now part of Altus Analytics, has a reputation for developing innovative software products in the commercial real estate industry. We are the dominant player in the market and we have set the bar high as we lead the industry and continue to grow at an incredible rate. To stay at the top, we continuously evolve our technology products, use analytics and trends to play a key role in our growth, and put client support and success at the top of our priority list.

We need a new SMB Sales Executive who wants to join us as we continue to dominate the industry by helping us cultivate our US North-Central territory.  Someone inspired by rapid growth and seeking a chance to build a career in software sales. A SMB Sales Executive who works hard all day, and wants to unwind with co-workers at the local restaurants and bars in City Centre, where our awesome office is located.

If you want to drive the success and happiness of our clients by moving the market; directly influence the growth of a company that has a positive impact of global economic stability and advance your own career using a proven sales approach closing deals for a new platform that supports 50% of the CRE market, this is the career move you want to make.

Here’s what our new SMB Sales Executive will do:

  • Close the deals. You will use your experience in process building and complex problem solving combined with your winning attitude, to close  multiple 5-15K deals a month.
  • Follow the leads. You will build our business by following up on all inbound leads, sales enquiries and marketing responses.
  • Track. You will build lists of prospects, leads and sales efforts in the CRM system.
  • Sell the brand and sell the solution.
  • Cultivate the territory. You will build relationships. You will proactively qualify clients while continuously nurturing new and existing supportive relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Drive. You will drive your pipeline, following our sales process. From account analysis, proposal and project planning, presentations, and ongoing support throughout the sales cycle. You will support and promote the ARGUS Software name and products.

Here’s where the thrill seeking, passion, commitment, and willingness to put it out there comes into play:

  • You have a degree, preferably in Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, or Real Estate. Or, you might be able to sell us on why your degree is just as effective.
  • You have experience selling enterprise software, and closing deals greater than 5K. Or, you have a proven ability to consistently exceed revenue targets and a compelling reason as to why we should hire you.
  • We can, and will train you, in how to sell our software. We can’t teach you how to show up with a personality, with enthusiasm, and with the ability to engage people and develop relationships. You will need to bring those traits to succeed with us.
  • You absolutely must have a technical mindset and interest in technology.
  • You know how to balance and prioritize sales, making calls, following up on warm leads coming through marketing, website, content, referrals as well as generating your own.
  • You will exceed at being an active player supporting the external sales team for bigger deals.
  • You are looking to commit to us; and eventually grow with us.

Who we are:

Altus Analytics, a business of Altus Group, is the leading global technology partner to the commercial real estate industry and is poised for significant growth and expansion over the next three years.

Altus Analytics brings together the collective expertise of ARGUS and Voyanta as the leading provider of CRE solutions worldwide. Our technology and industry expertise empowers commercial real estate clients and partners to work collaboratively to enhance decision making, drive performance and optimize transactional efficiency. From property budgeting, making strategic decisions about acquisitions or working with different teams, different organizations and different data, we can bring it all together.

Need any more reasons to want to work with us?

As we continue to grow, the possibilities for the people that join Altus Analytics are significant. From professional growth to innovation to collaboration we are committed to continuing to foster the right environment to help our people realize their full potential. We give our people the freedom and responsibility to take charge of their career path, bring new ideas to the forefront and work on critical projects that will shape the success of our clients.

To apply:

We thank you in advance for taking time to learn more about what makes Altus Analytics a great place to spend time doing some of your best work. Apply now, refer a friend or stay on top of what’s new by following us on LinkedIn.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status or status as an individual with a disability.

Please follow the link to apply: http://bit.ly/2f1jq8z

The David J Joseph Company – Opportunity

Sales Representative/Brokerage Representative


The David J Joseph Company has an exciting opportunity as a Sales Representative/Broker.  This is an excellent opportunity for a recent college graduate who is motivated and ready to take on immediate responsibility after an 8 week orientation period.  This is not a cold calling type sales role.

As a Sales Representative, you will develop new and grow existing relationships with customers (both suppliers and consumers) to further strengthen relationships and create business opportunities while trading commodities (ferrous metals). You will interact with customers regarding supply chain management, special payment terms and contract changes and create business opportunities to effect strong customer relations and profitability for the Company.

The ideal candidate must have a Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in a Business discipline. Will have exceptional communication skills and the ability to work autonomously and as a member of the team. Prior sales and/or customer service experience a plus.

A Sales Representative must be open to future relocation (company paid) to one of eleven District Offices, all of which are in major cities.

This position offers a competitive base and bonus, in addition to a company vehicle and telephone as well as a comprehensive benefits package to include:  Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, Vacation, Paid Holidays, Bonus Potential & 401k match among other great benefits. If you are ready to grow with a successful company, please apply online at
https://re11.ultipro.com/DAV1001/jobboard/NewCandidateExt.aspx?__JobID=2503 .

The David J. Joseph Company (DJJ), founded in 1885, is a world leader in scrap metal recycling & trading.  With over 80 locations, the Joseph Company is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nucor Corporation (NUE) a Fortune 200 Company.  DJJ has a well-earned reputation for safety, integrity and innovation. We are recognized as a good community citizen who is trustworthy, financially strong and environmentally proactive.

DJJ is a drug-free workplace and conducts pre-employment testing as a condition of employment.

DJJ is an equal opportunity employer.  Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.

Karen Luther : Karen.Luther@DJJ.com


Energy Consultant at CES – Opportunity

Energy Consultant


As an Energy Consultant at CES, you will develop and sell customized energy management solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional clients.  In accordance with the Company’s business objectives and targeted base, profitably grow the retail portfolio of clients by cold call acquisition, referrals, RFP responses, and focused marketing campaigns.  While part of a sales team, this role is based on individual contribution and thus requires a highly motivated, organized and competent individual that can think independently and navigate a technically complex and fragmented industry.  Continuing desire to learn and work as a team across other CES offices.


  • Sell comprehensive energy management services to commercial, industrial and institutional clients
  • Using a thorough understanding of the US electricity & natural gas markets, develop, recommend and sell suitable customized  solutions to clients
  • Keep current with energy industry news
  • Grow access to clients by effective networking
  • Unequivocally act and conduct business with the highest degree of ethical standard
  • Maintain accurate and transparent records
  • Keep organized and meet internal and external deadlines
  • Support & promote team work environment
  • Participate in mandatory and ad-hoc training
  • Represent CES at conferences and trade shows, as requested
  • Adhere to CES policies & procedures


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year institution of higher education
  • Professional business conduct and appearance
  • Ability to engage with broad range of personalities
  • Desire to network and learn
  • Desire for professional growth and betterment
  • Ability to problem solve on the spot
  • Demonstrated record of success
  • Demonstrated track of extra-curricular commitments
  • Demonstrated record of independent performance
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate professionally both verbally and in written form
  • Ability to travel, including overnight
  • Valid TX Driver’s License & current auto insurance
  • Authorized to legally work in the U.S.


Market-based salary plus bonus commensurate with performance.  Standard CES benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and optional FSA, and business expense reimbursement in accordance with CES policy.

**Position is located in Houston, TX