Carl P. Scott
Decision and Information Sciences

Dr. Carl Scott Research Professor Decision and Information Sciences

Carl P. Scott is Visiting Research Professor of Decision and Information Sciences in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. After serving as an officer in the United States Marine Corps during the Vietnam conflict, he returned and used the GI Bill to earn his Ph.D. from Colorado State University. He is a veteran of the chemical process industries, working in various management positions in information systems, quality control, and enterprise resource planning.

Dr. Scott joined the faculty of the Bauer College of Business in 2001. As a consultant in information system design and management, Dr. Scott has worked with a wide variety of organizations in both the public and private sectors. Working with these organizations, he developed and implemented hardware and software solutions for a wide range of business problems. Dr. Scott is also an advisor to many Houston organizations on the strategic management of their information technology assets. Dr. Scott served on the Board of directors for various organizations and serves on the Board of Directors for the Houston Food Bank and Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston.

Research Interests

  • Success Factors for Internet Usage by Small Businesses
  • Management of IT by non-profit organizations
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Computer Mediated Leadership
  • Six sigma Management
  • Systems Analysis and Design
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Contact Information

Dr. Carl P Scott
Melcher Hall Room 260 B
The University of Houston
Houston, TX 77204-6021

Phone: 713-743-4753

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