Roundtable for China-USA Relations

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  1. Yoona says:

    some have rules about foriegners pay more money most do eplecialsy state funded schools. so you live there for 6 months and sometimes can claim yourself for the local price. similarly, idk if it would help but you can do all the booking and applying yourself. for exaple some schools have a study abroad program. for instance marist near me I was just looking has study in italy for such and such price. i’m sure they’re fair but you could apply to that school in italy yourself and maybe get in and not have to kick back marist anything. you could also study at a small cheaper school in any town europe rather than go to some big name place that americans heard of. idk if they have community colleges there. You won’t likely find international exchange programs having deals with those schools but if you handle your own affairs, apply to the school, get an apartment nearby and get your own student visa you could save money. you could also try to work abroad but sometimes its difficult for student visas to get working visas. studying abroad is really not that expensive depending on the school. state school is only 8k a year or something but private schools are often 25-35k a year which may or may not include room and board. so you pay 30k with a dorm room included then a 1k plane ticket is the least of your expenses. you aren’t coming home for christmas but maybe for summer. you don’t have to stay all 4 years ;^)unfortunately the euro is stronger than us so, what seems like 10k to them is 18k to us or something. that hurts but go to asia or south america can maybe get a deal at a community college in bogata or try a college on a small island south of korea, i forget it’s name. i considered trying to work there. hei ju island and hei ju university. not sure of the spelling. nice island and is a tourist spot for south koreans. like a colder hawaii. I think parts of the island are rural excepot for the tourists though so it’s a small place.