#thankful For Our Students

Published on November 8, 2018

What do beer kegs, belly dancing, cosplay, Google Maps, pollution, Sake and undertaking have in common?

Why, Excel, of course!

Our awesome C.T. Bauer College students and grads are using their skills with information systems and Excel for school, work or volunteering in astoundingly diverse ways to do what they love.

In the process, they grow, have fun, make a living, and take the time to share their experiences to enlighten others.

The last couple years I have invited former students to come and share what they have done with information systems since my course and that is how we circle back to the beer kegs and belly dancing and all the miscellany from the subtitle.

I am extremely #thankful for all these wonderful humans who spoke in class this semester. I wish my summaries were as high impact as the presentations themselves were…

Abby Griffith(SCM, 2017) spoke about her work as a Network Analyst and Transportation Planner at SLG Keg Pros and did a quick demo on skills she’s picked up in her BZAN classes with Dr. Cossick and Dr. Murray.

Alix Rodriguez(Marketing, 2021) is a full-time receptionist & accounting assistant at Behl Fabricating, Inc. She has shown us how she uses Excel to provide prospective clients quotes in her job as an event coordinator at Haydee Bellydance and as professional dancer at Kalilah Dance. It was my first time seeing costs associated with snakes in an Excel spreadsheet, it was so exciting?!?!

Ashten White has shared her most recent song and has created a video specifically for our class. She spoke openly and with great passion about her journey, how embracing her passion for music has allowed her to found herself. Be sure to listen on https://soundcloud.com/ashtenwhite

Bhavna Kaparaju shared her Excel file tracking macronutrients providing motivation for all to customize our lovely free desktop application for wellness purposes.

Crystal Gamboa: Reflecting on this past year, I believe that Bauer and MIS 3300 offered me several opportunities which I have been fortunate to receive and which I wanted to share with every student. I hope that the impact that I felt when I was listening to speakers in Dr. Felvegi’s class last year is the same impact and inspiration that I left on the new MIS 3300 students!

Grace Santos discussed how her family serves families who recently lost a loved one and how integral information systems, civility, and compassion are the undertaking business. “I have a passion for students, public speaking, and my family business. This speaking opportunity combined all of my passions in one, and I was able to share just what my family and I do in our small corner of the world, and how we use excel to allow us to be organized and be held accountable.”

Lois Hamburger talked about all the amazing things she’s done for course credit during her time on Semester at Sea. “MIS 3300 course prepared me for the ‘real world’ in ways I never anticipated. On my journey abroad the Spring 2018 Semester at Sea voyage, I had a work study scholarship which entailed data entry into an Excel file of student names, cabin numbers, and other identifiable information. Furthermore, her emphasis on civility and independence from our mobile devices continues to be a dominant theme in both my professional and personal life. How else do you think 500 people from around the globe, all trapped on a tiny ship, can overcome cultural differences and reach a mutual understanding? Civility. And human connection (with eye contact, undivided attention, away from the meaningless buzzes and chimes)!”

Mai Le: “I primarily wanted to do the panel because your class inspired me to pursue an MIS minor! It’s so prevalent in not only business, but also in a personal basis, and I wanted to show the underclassmen how useful it is! I’m mostly just active on YouTube, but my instagram page is also quite active! https://www.instagram.com/ladeathmachine/”

Nima Nayeri is a Finance tutor, Bauerand the MIS 3300 course has provided me with the opportunity to be mentored a number of times – my presentation was to pass on that responsibility and give back to Bauer. I hope that with my advice, I was able to inspire and educate underclassmen to help set them up for success.

Russell McClenathen highlighted the ease with which Excel can connect to Google Maps and how that helps him in his work in commercial real estate as an associate at Quenby Commercial. “It is always such a pleasure to speak to the students at Bauer and for Dr. Felvegi. Each semester when the opportunity arrives it gives me a chance to take a step back to reflect on how far I have come myself, and how awesome that really is. 10 years ago, I would have never thought that I would accomplish as much as I have. I always try and find something new to say about how Excel really is a game changer. This year it reminded me that nothing is ever easy, and there are never written instructions. You must challenge yourself to figure it out. Through the frustration, you must find patience because those are the moments that build character, respect, and knowledge. You have to show up and apply yourself even if that means failing, you still learned what not to do.#forevercoog#bauer#powerhouse #excel#applyyourself