MSO Trainings for Spring Break

Published on March 8, 2018

Looking for ways to strengthen your portfolio? Invest time in developing your skills through official Microsoft or online courses from renowned content providers and universities.

Keep track of what you do for your resume. You can use a simple Google Drive Sheet so as not to forget things.

The Office Training Center is for ALL MSO applications from basic to intermediate. Includes definitions, trainings, how-tos:

Free edx courses from Microsoft, Harvard, MIT, and more: Courses on popular topics. Free to audit, certificates and multi-course programs available for a fee of $49 and up.

The Microsoft Virtual Academy for advanced trainings (free).

Microsoft Learning on LinkedIn: Not structured, but has everything for advanced users and professional development (free).

DataCamp is the first and foremost leader in Data Science Education, offering skill-based training, pioneering technical innovation, and courses from the world’s best educators. Free to try, $25 per month thereafter. Learn a new skill online, on your time. 6,453 courses in Business, Technology and Creative Skills taught by industry experts. by industry experts.