Martians + Computers

Published on May 17, 2015

Ferni and Asimov recounted a myth among scientists that Martians have already settled on Earth, they just called themselves Hungarians. These Martians possessed tremendous brain power and spoke an impossible language.

They gave us digital computers, holography, microprocessors, BASIC and Excel among many other inventions.Click here for George Marx’s collection of the Martian myth retold by Ferni, Asimov and Crick.

John von Neumann
Polymath. Digital computers, Manhattan Project, game theory,

Gabor Dennis
Holography, Nobel Prize in Physics (1971)

John Kemény
BASIC programming language, Manhattan Project, President of Dartmouth

Andrew Grove
INTEL CEO, semiconductor pioneer

Charles Simonyi
Microsoft Executive in charge of the development of Excel, the MS Office Suite.

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