Iron Man + Office 365

Published on May 22, 2015

The #CollectiveProject recently worked with Robert Downey Jr. to raise awareness about the incredible work Alberto Manero does for Limbitless’ and #BionicKids.

Check out how Alberto and fellow #CollectiveProject visionary Neha Gupta use Office 365 to empower those in need on their tumblr page.

Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Manero, a #CollectiveProject student who founded Limbitless, surprised a very special child with a new bionic 3D printed arm at no cost to the family.” Learn more.

Neha Gupta is the winner of the 2014 Children’s Peace Prize for her work to empower orphans worldwide. You can track her journey through OneNote or through the official MS Office tumblr page #rippleeffect. Learn more.

Other intriguing implementations of Office 365:

Aston Martin


Martin Aircraft Jetpacks

Did you know that the University of Houston provides Microsoft Office 365 free to every student, faculty and staff members? Click here to learn more.