Inventors & Pioneers

Published on May 16, 2015

A selection of interviews, lectures, keynotes, and documentaries in appreciation of key figures in/for the digital age from Gottfried Leibniz to Tim Berners-Lee.

The list herein is by no means comprehensive and offers a subjective selection. Feel free to share featurettes of links to your idols.

Gottfried Leibniz
German mathematician and philosopher – binary code

Charles Babbage
English polymath – general-purpose mechanical computer

Ada Lovelace
English mathematician and author – first computer algorithm

Alan Turing
English mathematician and computer scientist – computer theory, cryptography, artificial intelligence

Hedy Lamarr
American actress – Wi-fi, Bluetooth

John von Neumann
Hungarian polymath – computer architecture, game theory

Grace Hopper
American computer scientist – the Queen of Code

Marvin Minsky
American cognitive scientist – artificial intelligence

Tim Berners-Lee
English computer scientist – the World Wide Web