Spring Reading Stack

Published March 15, 2019

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UH Systems Symposium

Published April 21, 2017

The Innovative Teaching and Learning Symposium provides educators with hands on sessions to address “the needs of today’s diverse learners, the impacts traditional practices have on their ability to succeed, and a plan for moving forward.”

Terrific keynote by JoAnna Hunt regarding accessibility needs of diverse students.

On Another Note – Role Models

Published December 18, 2015

A conversation with Inside Bauer’s Amanda Sebesta led to this modest list of women who inspire us at the cross section of business and technology.

Ada Lovelace, Hedy Lamar, and Grace Hopper from a previous post are joined by leading figures at The Fed, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, HP, and IBM.

Bauer Book Group

Published May 25, 2015

Join the inaugural meeting of the Bauer Book Group for a discussion of computer engineer Ellen Ullman’s Close to the Machine: Technophilia and its Discontents.

When: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 // Where: Melcher Hall, Room 302, 12-1PM. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP @ bauer.uh.edu/BauerBookGroup

Iron Man + Office 365

Published May 22, 2015

The #CollectiveProject recently worked with Robert Downey Jr. to raise awareness about the incredible work Alberto Manero does for Limbitless’ and #BionicKids.

Check out how Alberto and fellow #CollectiveProject visionary Neha Gupta use Office 365 to empower those in need on their tumblr page.

Martians + Computers

Published May 17, 2015

Ferni and Asimov recounted a myth among scientists that Martians have already settled on Earth, they just called themselves Hungarians. These Martians possessed tremendous brain power and spoke an impossible language.

They gave us digital computers, holography, microprocessors, BASIC and Excel among many other inventions.

Inventors & Pioneers

Published May 16, 2015

A selection of interviews, lectures, keynotes, and documentaries in appreciation of key figures in/for the digital age from Gottfried Leibniz to Tim Berners-Lee.

The list herein is by no means comprehensive and offers a subjective selection. Feel free to share featurettes of links to your idols.