Bingeworthy for Spring Break

Published on March 7, 2018

Trying to decide what to binge during Spring Break? Here are my suggestions. Please note ratings, trigger warnings, most of these series deal with loaded topics.

Proceed in order or episodes. Consider how all these connect to what we do in class through tech or through observations of human nature.

Doctor Who (Amazon Prime)

Watch Series 10. Just do it, you can thank me later. (Then go back to the First Doctor and watch the series in order.)

Jessica Jones (Netflix)

A dark Marvel superhero series with a tragic heroine trying to do the right thing even if it kills her. Season 2 arrives 3/8/2018!

Person of Interest (Netflix)

An ex-CIA agent and a genius billionaire use an AI to prevent violent crimes from happening. One of my all-time favorites.

The Orville (Hulu)

From the creator of Family Guy and Ted comes the next generation of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fun and insightful. ST: TNG and DS9 are available to binge on Amazon and Netflix. Binge those, too. Make it so!

One Day at a Time (Netflix)

Best dramedy ever. A look at “the life of Penelope, a newly single Army veteran, and her Cuban-American family, as they navigate the ups and downs of life.” All of this show. Plus Rita Moreno is the #goat.

Ghost in the Shell (Netflix)

Cyberpunk anime classic and its movie prequel follows a government cyborg tasked with apprehending criminals.

The Good Place (Netflix)

Comedy of Eleanor’s (Kristen Bell) quest to be good. Can you learn to be a good person? Is she really in The Good Place and what’s up with Janet?

The Legend of Korra

The quest for peace and balance in the world begins with the new Avatar in training. Korra is a mess and she’s amazing.

Battlestar Galactica (Amazon Prime, Hulu)

“The crew of the aged Galactica protect a small civilian fleet – the last of humanity – as they journey toward the fabled 13th colony, Earth.” Awesome cast, just terrific.

Black Mirror (Netflix)

A thought-provoking anthology about human nature. Check out USS Callister.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon Prime)

Eclectic anthology in response to Black Mirror based on short stories from a visionary author. Loved Janelle Monáe in Autofac.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Netflix)

You’ll feel for Anakin more than just through watching the prequels. Terrific supporting characters who may follow you to Rebels. May the Force be with you on your binge!