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Written by Latha Ramchand on December 9, 2013

whereawesomehappensLast week as I walked down the hallway to Room 302 at Melcher Hall, I noticed a sign posted outside a classroom.  It read ‘Where Awesome Happens.’ Students of Bauer RED Labs posted this outside the door to RED Labs.  What a true statement especially coming from students.

So how does ‘Awesome Happen’ at the Bauer College?

The very next day I had the opportunity to see ‘Awesome Happen.’  Attending the Bauer Microfinance Graduation and Pitch day on Saturday, December 7, I met with students graduating from the Microfinance program.  Students in this program learn business skills, they also learn to give back by using their skills to help the community.  In Houston, they assisted local Taxi cab drivers avail of microloans from the Alliance for Multicultural Services Center, helping the drivers create strong business plans and money management strategies.

Our students worked with the Ayuda Para project in Mexico to help create a homegrown salsa business.  In the Navajo Nation (NM, AZ, CO, UT), they worked with local leaders on evaluating the poverty cycle and studying how education helps alleviate poverty.  Our students also traveled to India and Africa and worked with local microfinance organizations to empower local citizens who had ideas for small startups that could help overcome poverty.

Serving through microfinance organizations that raise resources that can help ‘micro’ sized businesses whether in Houston or abroad, Bauer students are using their skills to help others grow.  They understand that business needs to have a soul to be impactful and to create multiplier effects in the community.  I was reminded of the saying that the longest distance to travel is the 18 inches between the head and the heart.  Our students in the Microfinance program have traversed that distance and are making ‘Awesome Happen.’

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