Happy Birthday, Ted Bauer

Written by Latha Ramchand on March 3, 2016

TedBauerIf he were alive, Charles T. “Ted” Bauer would have been 97 years old today.

At Bauer College, we think often of Ted Bauer as we see his legacy unfold.

We see his legacy unfold:

  • In the over 6,000 students who are enrolled in our various programs.
  • In the over 5,000 business connections that Bauer College has access to, thanks to his gift.
  • In the high retention and graduation rates of our students, especially the Ted Bauer Scholars.
  • In the niche programs like entrepreneurship, sales, energy, financial services and more.
  • In the faculty research that has been possible thanks to his gift.
  • In the emails we receive from students and alumni whose lives have been transformed thanks to the fine gift of education they received.
  • Most of all we hear it when, as Joshua Ferguson, a Bauer student who is currently serving as an intern in the White House in Washington D.C., shared with me recently, “I want to give back to this college that has given me so much.”

Happy Birthday, Ted Bauer.

Your legacy only grows over time.


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