You are Bauer: Natara Holloway

June 9, 2015

Natara-Holloway-800She said, “I was told that you cannot be nice if you want to succeed, and I know that is not true.”

The statement meant a lot coming from a person with her credibility. She has been described as “The Woman behind the New Brand of NFL Apparel.”  She talks of a personal board of directors, of being mentored and of mentoring. She works with “at-risk” kids and brings them to her swanky office on Park Avenue so they can see what education and hard work, not to mention a supportive and loving family, can do to help you develop and grow yourself.  She showed me her picture with Oprah, and she took me on a tour of her office at the NFL.

She is Bauer alumna Natara Holloway, and I had dinner with her recently on a trip to New York City.

As vice president of retail development in the NFL’s consumer products department, Natara is responsible for establishing the NFL’s retail growth strategy. She focuses on growing the NFL brand at retail events, elevating the consumer’s retail experiences and on growing sustainable retail partnerships.

Natara graduated with a BBA in accounting from Bauer College. She is a CPA who started her career at Exxon in Houston before moving to NYC. Starting at the NFL as a VP for Corporate and New Business Development, she worked to create the NFL’s event retail operations. Under her leadership, retail revenue grew significantly. She created the first retail pop-up store for women in New Orleans and won the Commissioner’s Innovation Award as part of the Consumer Products Women’s Initiative.

Refreshingly, her success has served to underscore the importance of family and relationships. She credits her parents with giving her everything she needed to succeed, she visits them often in San Antonio, she is close to her sister and nephews, and above all, she believes, as she told me, that you can be nice and be successful.

I smiled as we left The Fig and Olive restaurant where we met for dinner. I told myself that this is what it is all about — changing lives one student at a time, changing lives the right way and changing lives with the right values.

Thank you, Natara.  You are special. You are successful. You are Bauer.